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Product Photography

When you contact me to take photos of your products, I will need to ask you a few questions. This is the first stage of my service, and it is essential.

You may be wondering why, if you only want photos of your products. Well, let me explain, in the world of product photography there are different types of photos that we can create.

Product photography on white background: these are the most descriptive photos of your product, they are the ones that are usually used in e-commerce websites, as a catalog.
Still life product photography, with flat backgrounds: these are photos where I use flat colored backgrounds and add some decorative elements to create some atmosphere, but they are still studio photos, in an advertising environment.
Still life product photography, with ambience: they are the most complex to make since they involve setting up scenarios around your product, it is about recreating situations of consumption of the product to make it closer to your audience. They are also studio-based.
Lifestyle product photography: in this case I place the product in an existing space, such as a park, the beach, a swimming pool, a restaurant, etc. I don't build the space, but bring the product to the site. It usually includes models or some kind of handheld action.

In this post I leave you an example of each case so that you can better understand the difference.

And why is this important, because it translates into hours. The time it takes to take each type of photography is different and therefore the amount of photos that will be obtained in a day will be more or less depending on the option you choose.

Now knowing all this you will have more information to know what type of photo to choose according to your needs.

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